Principles & Process


Don’t be all Hollywood about it

There’s enough self-appointed experts and cold-shoulders in this business. We aim to be warm, humble and accessible in every interaction.

Don’t overdo it

We’re not going to over-engineer something for the heck of it. We’ll work with you to determine the right tools for every job.

Build to think, and then build some more

Sometimes you don’t know how you’ll feel about something until it’s right in front of you. We understand the cyclical nature of innovation and will work with you to validate assumptions quickly to make the best possible thing in the least amount of time.

Be proud of what you make

There’s a lot of stupid in this world, from social apps with ill-considered implications to outright broken software. It’s simple, but worth mentioning: we make stuff we’re proud of — software to amplify voices, do important jobs well, and make people feel better.



We’ll get to know you, the project, and figure out if it’s a good fit.

Design Requirements

What are we building? Who is it for? What does it need to do now? Where does it need to go? How are we going to get there?


What's already out there? Who are your users? What are they doing right now that they could be doing better? We make sure what we're doing solves a real problem and is set up for success.

Wireframe and Prototype

We’ll work with you to design a robust set of annotated wireframes to ensure all ideas have been fully-baked and accounted for. Then we’ll prototype as-needed to validate, streamline, and improve our ideas before committing to them.

Visual Design

Using either an established set of brand guidelines or inventing our own, we’ll create high-fidelity mockups to ensure an experience as aesthetic as it is functional.


We’ll take the concept across the finish line with maintainable, readable, and scalable code.

Quality Assurance

Understanding that it's hard to see the thing and make the thing simultaneously, we'll work together to find a QA solution provider to test the heck out of our creation and get it ready for prime-time.

Partner With Us

We can't wait to hear your ideas.