Projects & Capabilities

Two imprints, same heart.

Fire Mammoth Studio is developing VR experiences at the intersection of technology and independent arts.

Fire Mammoth Creative is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional design, development, and creative services.

Creative Projects


  • VR Concepting & Development

    We develop experiences, games, and utilities for Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Vive with unique experience in volumetric video capture.

  • 3D 360 Video

    We offer on-site 3D 360 video capture with the 8k Insta360 Pro 2, as well as processing, and delivery.

  • Visual Design

    From landing pages to websites and apps, we’ll expertly place every pixel until it’s frighteningly balanced and uniquely yours.

  • Human-Factors Research

    We love getting our hands dirty, going into the field and talking to, observing, and gently prodding your users to discover what they’re really about — wants, needs, and deepest, darkest desires.

  • UX Design

    Be careful not to cut yourself on our super-sharp wireframes, prototypes, and design audits.

  • Web Development

    From picking the right tools, executing perfection, and working out a long-term maintenance strategy — we’ve got you covered. React? Sure. Wordpress? You got it. SASS? We have it in spades. Backbone? Sure, we understand legacy support requirements just as much as we understand buzzwords and trendy workflows.

  • Prototyping

    Let’s work together to make sure you’re building the right thing before you invest in making it for-realises. From fake desktop software and clickable demos to paper cut-outs, we can prototype just about anything.