Fire Mammoth Wellness

Fire Mammoth Wellness tells the story of a fictitious VR therapy app of the same name. The app scans clients’ brains to find the place they became stuck in their personal development, then creates the relevant space and its inhabitants to facilitate grief and closure.

In this experience, the player is facing difficulties getting over their teenage first love. They are guided through a series of memories and into a reconstruction of their childhood bedroom. There, they are greeted by the Love Object who alternates role-playing saccharine scenes of the player’s youth and delivering cryptic messages edging the player closer towards embracing a somber but liberating reality.

Players can expect interactive sequences exploring memory, trauma, escapist fantasies, and awkward family dinners. With non-traditional therapy including frightening visions, powerful affirmations and late-night MySpace photography, Fire Mammoth Wellness is a moving journey through an emotional landscape enabled only with VR.