The Goodbye Room


The Goodbye Room: Escape Your Ex is a tender and queer first-person adventure for VR and PC. Featuring volumetric performances, environmental storytelling, experimental gameplay and interactive 3D 360° video cutscenes, The Goodbye Room sits at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and personal storytelling.


Escape rooms are over. They’ve all been retrofitted into goodbye rooms, recreational therapy for letting go. So you visit, the room scans your mind and... Wait. Is that your teenage bedroom? Oh look, the ex that broke your heart. What does he want?

In the medium where anything’s possible, a game about accepting the things we can’t change.


  • Explore memories to solve an escape room of feelings.
  • Try to mend what’s broken in the Awkward Family Dinner Remix Challenge. Hint: you can’t fix someone’s family.
  • Get lost in a feline fantasy realm.
  • Conquer the forever-loner you’re afraid of becoming.

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